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You can have a beautiful outdoors with our professional help. At H&H Outdoor, we specialize in landscaping in Tulsa, OK, and surrounding areas. The grass isn’t greener on the other side; it’s greener where we’ve done the landscaping! Let us turn your outdoor dreams into reality!

Our Full Range of Services

Landscape Design & Install

We pride ourselves in creating beautiful
and functional landscapes.

Lawn Care, Fertilization, and Weed Control

One company for all your lawn care needs.

Irrigation Install & Repair

Keep your lawn green through every
season with irrigation.

Retaining Walls and Drainage

Avoid erosion and landscape flooring
with proper drainage.

Outdoor Lighting

Light your outdoor living area and pathways

Lot Sweeping

Leave your lot sweeping in our expert hands. Don’t hesitate to give our professionals a call.

Hardscape Materials

Balance the beauty of nature with a personalized hardscape design.

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You can look forward to our team using cutting-edge technology for your landscaping needs.


When you work with our team, your landscape needs are met- and expectations exceeded.


We pride ourselves on creating unique landscape designs for our unique clients.


You can count on our professionals to complete your landscaping project on time.

What Our Clients Say

Ashley Thalken
Ashley Thalken
It’s not often that I do an unsolicited review, but I wanted to take a second to say how great Mike and his team are at H&H. They came recommended to us for some landscaping work and ever since have done our seasonal flowers. Mike is always great about texting for the next season, but moreover, he’s great about giving tips to make your current blooms beautiful. What I found most impressive was that I texted him that our pergola had been blown over in the recent storm and asked if his team could possibly help us push it back up. They were there the next day! It was awesome. Last week we had a big pile of leaves that needed to be hauled off. His team came within four days of my request. Mike is simply good at running this business. Our beds and yard are always beautiful as a result. Thanks H&H!
Laura Koval
Laura Koval
I highly recommend H&H Outdoor for your landscaping needs. They did incredibly high-quality work on our new patio area and our garden and their prices are extremely reasonable. Communication was excellent and I really enjoyed working with their team. If you aren’t sure who to go to for landscaping definitely give them a call. I won’t be looking anywhere else for future projects.
David Lundy
David Lundy
The owner Mike and his crew were very responsive and helpful. The landscape was custom designed by the owner and he incorporated our ideas as well. I really enjoyed the process and we are extremely happy with the landscaping, lighting, and irrigation work we had done. I have no doubt we will be calling back for new projects in the coming years. Save your time and use H&H.
elmo elmos
elmo elmos
Robert from H&H mowed my overgrown yard this morning and he did a great job. I will definitely call on them again.
Billie Smith
Billie Smith
H&H does amazing work, we are very pleased.
K Fridrich
K Fridrich
H&H did a quality job on our sprinkler system repair and upgrade. So glad to find good someone you can trust to get the job done.
H&H has always been reliable. I have seen nothing but quality work. To go with the quality work they are very responsive and always on time. I now know several of the employees personally. Not only are they great workers but they are great people. If you need anything accomplished with your yard/property they can do it! Quit spending time and effort caring for your property and let them handle everything!
Shelly Waters
Shelly Waters
We started using H&H Outdoor a little over a year ago. We've been very pleased with their services. They have done lawn services, landscape lighting & landscaping for us. They are always prompt, friendly and honest. We would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.
Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett
Sorry for the long review ... but I have used this team for 3 different services - all superb. (1) First discovered H&H through a ad for putting up Christmas lights. I communicated through phone and text. They were on time, reasonably priced, did an excellent job and have been providing this service for my family for 6 years. (2) Once I met the team, I asked about lawn service. Wow - we have a great relationship. I rarely see them. I don't own lawn care equipment any more. The property looks great. and they are extremely responsive if I have a question or request. And (3). I requested a landscaping plan for the home I had recently purchased. The results were superb. The work was on time, on budget, reasonably priced, creative and easy to maintain (which they do) and always looks nice. There are a lot of important things I want to do - and lawn care is not one of them. Thanks to H&H - I have time to spend doing things I find more valuable .... Like spending time with my kids.

Areas We Serve

As experts, we pride in creating unique outdoor spaces for clients across Tulsa, OK. We can also help you!

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